Neobömi –
intensive hyaluronic serum

Neobömi Tri Hyaluronic Serum with three different hyaluronic acids containing high medium and low molecules for visible smoother skin.

Our hyaluronic acid complex ensures an optimal and lasting distribution of hyaluronic acid in the skin to have a profound targeted effect. The skin becomes noticeably plumper and firmer and more youthful. It helps the skin to recover from the visible signs of the premature aging.

Neobömi Tri Hyaluronic Serum particularly cares for highly sensitive and allergy-prone skin

  • It can be combined with existing cosmetic products
  • It is recommended by doctors and pharmacists
  • It is produced without animal experiments and animal proteins
  • This skin product is tested with “excellent”




Price: 75,00 €

Neobömi –
Apple stem cell face mask

Skin stem cells are the driving force in the regeneration of skin cells that are damaged by natural aging and environmental factors. As they age, however, they lose productivity and can no longer support the skin optimally in cell renewal. Thus, to prevent premature aging, it is particularly important to care for and protect them effectively.

Important information on the application effect:
“Due to the occlusive effect and the intensive active ingredient injection, brief skin reactions may occur at the beginning of the application (slight tingling sensation).”