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Hyaluron is a naturally occuring active substance found in our skin that can bind 1000 times its weight in water. Hyaluron is therefore not only an important moisturizer for the skin but particularly interesting in cosmetic applications, especially when the body’s own production decreases with age.

neobömi’s goal is to create the best hyaluron products. In order to achieve this we use only the purest ingredients and try to reach a perfect balance of high effect and uncompromising tolerability for each application.

Our experts explain here the active substance hyaluron and its applications.


Our products are based on the body’s own active ingredient hyaluron. Only the purest hyaluron in the best possible concentration for the respective application is used. Because the goal of our “no nonsense” products is maximum noticeable and visible effect with highest tolerability.


A network of doctors and pharmacists supports us in the development. We only include products in our portfolio once they have been tested and awarded the hightest marks for their skin tolerability by independent research institutes. Quality you can trust, made in Germany.



Our products support the natural skin processes. Our formulations are reduced to the essentials and deliberately avoid unnecessary or controversial additives.

The result: high tolerability and a healthy, fresh feeling skin.


starter box

With our exclusive starter box you can choose from a selection of
our products for only € 24,95:

  • 4 x tri-hyaluron serum ampoules
  • 2 x hyaluron hand cream ampoules
  • 1 x apple stem cell mask
  • Packaged in an attractive gift box


For exclusive use by cosmetic studios and other professionals, we have developed a special hyaluronic serum containing dragon blood and glycoin.

  • valuable tri-hyaluronic acid for a targeted effect
  • essence of the dragon blood tree with regenerative properties
  • glycoin soothes the skin after treatment

You can find our products in our partner shop routinery.de or in one of our partner pharmacies.